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Fire Safety Solutions for Facilities Management Companies

Fire Safety Solutions for Facilities Management Companies

When you’re responsible for fire safety at a facilities management company, there are no straightforward or easy answers. That’s because you could be dealing with multiple sites and premises in any – or even more than one – commercial or industrial sector, each of which is going to have its own fire risks.

Thankfully, Scutum North has extensive experience and expertise dealing with fire safety in the facilities management sector, and in this article we’re going to look at some of the problems faced and how we can help you overcome them.

Fire Safety Solutions for facilities management

Fire risk assessments

The starting point for fire safety in facilities management – as in just about everything else to do with fire safety in the commercial sector – is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 

One of the key elements of the legislation – and which, as the responsible person, is something you are going to have to organise – is fire risk assessments for all the individual premises that you manage. That can be tricky enough when you are working within just the one sector – especially if it’s one with complex fire risks or a complicated building layout – but it’s going to be even harder if you need to understand such diverse and difficult issues across more.

Thankfully, we have experts accustomed to assessing the fire risks present in premises in all commercial and industrial environments. We’ll also know the best ways of reducing and removing those risks to ensure your fire risk assessment will meet the highest standards.

Legal compliance

Carrying out effective fire risk assessments and putting all recommendations and instructions in place across multiple sites and/or sectors can be intimidating enough for someone not experienced in the fire safety industry. Making sure that everything you’re doing – from fire safety training and emergency lighting to compartmentalisation and appropriate fire stopping measures – is in line with the relevant legislation is going to be even scarier. 

By partnering with the team at Scutum North, we can take those worries out of your hands, because we handle those responsibilities every day. 

Common hazards and how to prevent them

As we’ve already indicated, one of the biggest challenges of dealing with fire safety in the facilities management sector is that there are unlikely to be common hazards. One day you could be dealing with a residential facility with vulnerable people and the next with premises with a large and busy commercial kitchen.

While we can help with most aspects of your fire safety, it’s still important that you understand the particular fire risks at each site so that you can continue to manage them on a day-to-day basis. We can help with this by providing your on-site staff with the relevant fire safety training they need to control these risks and deal with any emergencies.

Our training will be designed around the specific requirements of your facility so that your staff are equipped and have the confidence to handle the risks they face. You’ll also need designated fire marshals at each site, and we can provide the essential training that will enable them to fulfil their roles safely and efficiently.

Your one-stop shop for fire safety solutions and services

Key to fire safety at any premises and in any sector are the tools we use to detect and control fires when they do break out. At Scutum North, we can supply, install and maintain a huge range of some of the best and latest solutions, from fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers to fire suppression systems, fire doors and mechanical sprinkler systems.

So whatever the risks and challenges you’re facing, you can have the confidence of knowing that we’ll be able to provide an effective answer. And because we always aim to beat any other quote you receive, you’ll also be getting best value alongside access to the most comprehensive fire safety service in the north of England.

Don’t face the challenges of managing fire safety in the facilities management sector alone. Scutum North supports businesses and organisations across North England with a wide range of fire safety systems and solutions.

Get in touch with us now to ask for a free site visit and a free, competitive quotation for professional fire safety services at your site.

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